Whether you are an organization handling multiple ISO management system projects or an individual looking to grow your business, partnering with Nebusis Cloud Services, LLC will help you be more effective and efficient in servicing clients.


The Nebusis® Partner Program (NPP) gives consultants excellent benefits; including specialized training, competence certifications and the tools needed to more effectively and efficiently manage customers needing to implement and maintain ISO management systems.

Nebusis Cloud Services, LLC partners have access to:


Free and discounted training and updates on the latest versions of ISO management system standards as well as the latest trends in Cloud Technology.


Discounts on Nebusis® Professional Competence Certifications such as:

  • Nebusis® Certified Cloud Professional
  • Nebusis® Certified Cloud Management System Consultant
  • Nebusis® Certified IoT Consultant
  • Nebusis® Certified Cloud Staffing Consultant
  • Nebusis® Certified Cloud Marketing Consultant
  • Nebusis® Certified Cloud Learning Consultant


Access to their own Nebusis® Partner Dashboard to help manage implementation projects and to keep track of their training, certifications achieved and Nebusis-related compensation.


Nebusis Cloud Services, LLC partners can be:

Referral Partners

NRP is a basic partner designation that allows individuals or organizations to be receive commissions based on sales made by Nebusis Cloud Services, LLC as a result of the referrals received from the NRP. NRPs receive a partner code which they would provide to any potential customer. When purchasing Nebusis® products and services customers would receive a discount for providing an NRP code thus allowing Nebusis Cloud Services, LLC to track the referral in order to compensate the NRP.

Technical Partners

NTP is a partner designation that includes the compensation benefits of an NRP, but also receives compensation for participation in helping customers configure Nebusis® solutions and/or support customers with the implementation of special projects. NTPs must be certified by Nebusis Cloud Services, LLC in the specializations that they wish to work in.

Detailed information about this program is available after an initial application is reviewed and approved.


Individuals or organizations interested in being part of the success of the Nebusis Cloud Services, LLC venture as a partner under this program, please complete this preliminary screening application. We will respond to those applicants that are a considered a good fit.